So much fun at Middle School Camp
Activities At 2022 Summer Camp:

* Flute Choirs  - A wide variety of music to experience!
   There will be 1 large flute choir and 2 small flute choirs
   Led by Kara Swanson, The Whole Flutist Creator/Instructor
   Low Flutes (Alto, Bass, and Contrabass) are returning Summer '22. 

Small Ensembles - All flutists will be a part of a duet, trio or quartet.

* Painting (specifics to be TBD) - 
   Led by Owner of Gray Duck Art, Maddy DePaul

   A local art company in the Twin Cities. "I work to inspire creativity in     myself and the world and create a vibe of creative confidence." 

* Yoga for Flutists -
   Led by Certified Yoga Instructor, Jaclyn Semlak 

Flute Jewelry -
Flutists will each create either a necklace or keychain with an actual
   flute key.

Flute Dancing -
    Flutists will dance while playing specific pieces, bringing out the              importance of certain beats and the emotions that should be felt            while playing/listening.

Breathing & Anxiety Connect - 
    Learn a variety of breathing techniques aimed to lessen Performance 

Daily Time Schedule -
    Tuesday, June 21st - 10am-Noon
     Wednesday, June 22nd - 10am-Noon
     Thursday, June 23rd - 10am-1:00pm (Art Day!)
     Tuesday, June 28th - 10am-Noon
     Wednesday, June 29th - 10am-Noon
     Thursday, June 30th - 10am-Noon (Public Performance at 11:15am)