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So much fun at Middle School Camp

Activities At 2024 Summer Camp: 

* Flute Choirs  - A wide variety of music to experience!
   There will be 1 lg. flute choir and possibly 2 sm. flute choirs
   (dependent upon number of flutists registered)

   Led by Kara Swanson, The Whole Flutist Creator/Instructor
   Includes Low Flutes - Alto, Bass and Contrabass!! 

Small Ensembles - All flutists will be a part of a duet, trio or quartet.

* Flute Paint By Number - 
   Led by Owner of Gray Duck Art, Maddy DePaul

   A local art company in the Twin Cities. "I work to inspire creativity in     myself and the world and create a vibe of creative confidence." 

* Yoga for Flutists -
   Led by Certified Yoga Instructor, Jaclyn Semlak 

Flute Key Suncatcher  -
Flutists will each create a suncatcher which will include
   a flute key.

Better Relationship with our Flute Selves -
Sometimes we need to get out of our own heads!
    Flutists will try out a version of improvisation to break down
    pieces and play more confidently.

Whole Body Breathing
We will learn more about the anatomy to more completely                        understand how to use our body to create longer phrases.

Daily Time Schedule -
    Tues., June 18th - 10am-Noon
     Wed., June 19th - 10am-1pm - Art Day!
     Thurs., June 20th - 10am-Noon
     Tues., June 25th - 10am-Noon
     Wed., June 26th - 10am-Noon - Yoga Day! (Bring your own mat)
     Thurs., June 27th - 10am~Noon -
 Performance Open To All @ 11:30am


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